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This pathogen is a single-celled parasite that has infected much of the pigeon population. In adult animals, the disease can be mild and sometimes show symptoms that are difficult to see. However, they can infect their young. These often become more seriously ill after infection, with major inflammatory processes.

TRICHONOX® is used to treat "the yellow" in pigeons caused by Trichomonas gallinae.


Trichonox tablets are designed for administration directly through the beak. They are packaged per 50 tablets.

Hold the birds firmly and place the tablet in the back of the throat. Make sure the tablet is swallowed. Treat the birds prior to feeding.

Preventive treatment:

Single dose: administer 1 tablet per pigeon after transport to shows or races or if they are likely to have been exposed to infected cages/travel baskets.

Therapeutic treatment after established infection:

Administer 1 tablet per pigeon for 6 consecutive days.

Treat all birds in one enclosure at the same time to prevent reinfection by untreated birds.

To minimise the chance of reinfection after treatment, it is of the utmost importance to practice good hygiene. In particular, to remove manure from the enclosures. If symptoms of illness persist or return quickly, contact the attending veterinarian.

This drug is on the market as part of the scheme 'Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Drugs Regulations - Exemptions for small pet animals'

Actief bestanddeel

Ronidazole, 25mg per tablet.


Infections with Trichomonas gallinae, better known as "the yellow”


Pigeons (not intended for human consumption)


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