Trichonox® 25 mg tablets

Trichonox® 25 mg tablets contain 25 millligram of ronidazole per tablet. It is packaged in a carton of 50 tablets.

Ronidazole is effective in treatment of canker (trichomoniasis) in pigeons caused by Trichomonas gallinae.

This pathogen is a one-cellular parasite which infects a large part of the pigeon population. In adults the disease can be mild and not have very clear symptoms, but they will infect the young. These are often more severely infected, with large inflammatory processes.

Trichonox tablets are for oral administration.
Hold the bird firmly but gently and place the tablet in the mouth towards the back of the gullet.  Ensure that the tablet has been swallowed.  Treat all birds before feeding
Preventive/Prophylactic use
Single dose:  Administer 1 tablet per pigeon following transportation to shows or races or when exposure to contaminated cages/baskets is likely.
Therapeutic use for diagnosed infection
Administer 1 tablet/pigeon daily for 6 consecutive days
Treat all birds in the same loft at one time to prevent re-infection by untreated birds
In order to reduce the risk of re-infection following treatment, good management and hygiene practices are essential, in particular regular cleaning of the premises to remove excreta.  
If signs of disease persist or appear, consult your veterinary surgeon.  

This veterinary medicine is marketed in accordance with Schedule 6 of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations – Exemptions for small pet animals