The active ingredient in Fungitraxx is itraconazole. This is a static antifungal medicine, with activity against Aspergillus spp. and Candida spp, two common pathogens in birds.

Fungitraxx® is an oral medicine. It can be administered directly into the mouth of the bird with a dosing syringe. Another way of administering the product is by mixing the prescribed dose with some food: in this case, one must ensure that the medicated food is eaten within an hour.

It is recommended that food should be provided at around the time of administering the medicine, as this results in higher absorption of itraconazole.

The caramel flavour present in Fungitraxx® ensures that most birds find the solution palatable, facilitating acceptance.

An important, distinctive ingredient of Fungitraxx® is a cyclodextrin. This is a ring of glucose molecules. Within this ring a molecule can be present (in this case itraconazole). This enables solubilisation and enhances absorption of the itraconazole.

Steady state plasma levels of itraconazole are reached six (6) days after the start of treatment.

For more information, download the package leaflet.

In case of noticing side effects in your bird, while using Fungitraxx, please contact us by using information under 'contact'.